Based in Bangalore, Sneha Florists is a name that is trusted by people, when it comes to flowers and floral products. We offer Fresh Cut Flowers, Exotic Cut Foliages, Floral Farms, Floral Decoration, Floriculture Consultancy, Turnkey Projects, Contract Farming, Floral Ribbons, Floral Baskets Containers & Vases as well as many others.
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Our Products

Fresh Cut Flowers
There is nothing more appealing than the soft fragrance of fresh cut flowers lingering in the air. We supply many common flower varieties of freshly cut flowers. We have a wide assortment of flowers like Gerberas, Carnations, Gerberas, Gladiolus, Lilliums, Chrysanthemum, etc.... read more
Exotic Cut Foliages
Exotic Cut foliage is vegetation that is used in large quantities as a source of decoration on its own or as a combination with other flowers in bouquets. Evergreen plants with green, silver or variegated leaves are usually used and species with berries are also .... read more
Floral Farms
We, as the premier floral brand of the floral market have the understanding of the needs of the Wholesale Florists, which is why our flowers exceed industry standards in quality of blooms, stem strength and foliage..... read more
Floral Decoration
Flower decoration is an indispensable element in any celebration. We offer the facility of venue decoration, stage decoration, corporate decoration, wedding decoration, etc. May it be simple, eye-catching, discreet or imaginative - we take care.... read more
Floriculture Consultancy
The growth of Flower Industry and Florist Sector, has intensified the need of credible and trustworthy Flower Growing Agencies. Moreover, the lucrative returns that this industry offers have attracted several people towards it..... read more
Turnkey Projects
We are a one-stop-shop for everything related to flowers, right from cultivation to export to design to consultation. We take turnkey projects and complete it with the utmost satisfaction of our clients. .... read more
Contract Farming
Floral Farming and Floriculture has emerged as one of the most lucrative occupations in the Agrarian Sector. However, traditional and conventional cultivation techniques, minimal use of technology and advanced methods have been .... read more
Floral Ribbons
We offer a range of exquisite floral Ribbons. Our floral ribbons come in wide range of designs and vibrant colors. The floral ribbons are made to tie the flowers in a bouquet or bunch. The ribbons are made of various materials and each of them adds beauty .... read more
Floral Baskets Containers & Vases
Flowers and Floral Arrangements have been part of decorations and interiors since time immemorial. To enhance the look and appearance of these marvels of nature, we offer you designer Floral Baskets and Container Vases that are designed .... read more
Floral Foam and Floral Sprays
Managing flowers and floral arrangements can be a very tough and challenging job. In order to help you maintain the fragrance, freshness and natural aroma of flowers, we present to you our special Floral Foams and Sprays..... read more

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