Floriculture Consultancy

The growth of Flower Industry and Florist Sector has intensified the need of credible and trustworthy Flower Growing Agencies. Moreover, the lucrative returns that this industry offers have attracted several people towards it. However, lack of knowledge and consultancy has been the biggest hindrance in development of this sector.

This is where Sneha Florist comes in as renowned Flower Consultancy in Bangalore. We are a trusted brand of Agriculture and Horticulture consultants; we as a trusted Floriculture Consultancy in Bangalore help in setting up agriculture horticulture projects, selection of plants, planning, layout project report and bank loan, growing and marketing of agriculture, horticulture and floriculture products. As we provide eminent Florist Consultancy Services, we keep an eye on the latest development and technology in that market and offer you innovative cultivation ideas to compete with the heist standard in the market.

We specialize in:

  • Setting up agriculture horticulture projects
  • Selection of plants
  • Planning & layout
  • Preparation of project report for bank loan
  • Growing and marketing of agriculture, horticulture and floriculture products

Why us?

  • Comprehensive consultancy right from conceptualization to final setup of project
  • Consultancy Service by experts
  • Innovative cultivation techniques and methods
  • High yield projects
  • Advice and consultancy for financial assistance