Floral Farms

We, as the premier floral brand of the floral market have the understanding of the needs of the Wholesale Florists, which is why our flowers exceed industry standards in quality of blooms, stem strength and foliage. Being one of the trusted Fresh Flower Farms in Bangalore, India, we offer a wide assortment of your favourite garden plants ensuring that you get the high quality products and services that you expect from us.

Our Exotic Flower Farms include both exciting new varieties and time-tested favourites, each with detailed planting advice.

At our Bulk Fresh Flower Farms, we will also update our offerings frequently with seasonably appropriate plants to make your garden colourful and exciting all year round. We attempt to insure your perfect satisfaction with our low maintenance and sustainable flowers, which are designed especially to suit your specific conditions, your landscaping dreams and also your budget!

Why our Floral Farm Services?

  • Conventional as well as new varieties available
  • High yield plants
  • Seasonal flower plants available throughout the year
  • Excellent Planting Advice
  • Basic training in floral care and Floriculture activities
  • Easy availability throughout India