Exotic Cut Foliages

Exotic Cut Foliages is vegetation that is used in large quantities as a source of decoration on its own or as a combination with other flowers in bouquets. Evergreen plants with green, silver or variegated leaves are usually used and species with berries are also becoming popular among people these days.

Sneha Florist is a trusted Quality Cut Foliage Provider and has been providing top quality cut foliage to the wholesale floral industry since almost a decade now.

Our product selection has grown with our company name and now includes numerous species of the finest Exotic Flowers Bouquets available. Green is the earth, so is our taste, we offer a wide variety of foliages to match your aesthetic sense. Foliages are most of the times grown in the shade, but we have both the varieties, that is, the one that grows in the shade as well as the one that grows in the sun with the exotic green of the nature. We also provide exotic flowers bouquet.

Why our Exotic Cut Foliages?

  • Available in different variants and varieties
  • Grown in shade as well as sunshine
  • Evergreen in nature
  • Adorns and enhances the beauty of floral arrangement
  • Easy availability throughout India
  • Competitive pricing

Ideal to adorn:

  • Wedding Banquets
  • Floral Arrangement for Social Events
  • For preparing bouquets